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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The Nineteenth International Crucifer Genetics Workshop will be held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China during March 30-April 2, 2014. The event will be hosted by Huazhong Agricultural University in collaboration with the Oil crops research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences and Vegetable research institute, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural science and technology. We have great pleasure to invite you to attend this meeting and enjoy the tour in China.

The theme of the symposium is Genetic Improvement of Brassicaceae Crops in the Era of Genomics, and the Workshop will focus on the following topics:
●U's triangle and Brassicaceae phylogenetics
●Functional genomics and epigenomics
●Genetic diversity and Pan-genomics
●Trait genetics and breeding in Brassica crops: stress
●Trait genetics and breeding in Brassica crops: quality, yield and others
●Trait genomics and breeding in Brassica crops

Schedule of the meeting
30th March  Registration
31st March to 2nd April Open ceremony, Presentations, post sessions
Afternoon 2nd April  Visiting in Wuhan
3rd April Tourist 
Time and registration fees
Fees      early(until 30th Oct,2013)       late( after 30th Oct,2013)
Scientists  450 dollars                     500 dollars
Students   225 dollars                      250 dollars

English is the official language of the Workshopand will be used in all correspondences, presentations (oral, poster, exhibition etc.) and publications.

The Organizing Committee will recruit warmhearted volunteers for providing fine meeting service including translations for the participants. Meanwhile, assessed sponsorship from the world is welcome. The sponsors’ logo design and/or text introduction will be used on all workshop-related materials, including announcements, banners, T-shirts for volunteers, web-pages etc.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists, growers and professionals from all over the globe to discuss and share your expertise and information. The symposium is open to whom interested in all related fields.

We are looking forward to hosting you in Wuhan, China!
Local Organization Committee of the Nineteenth International Crucifer Genetics Workshop

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