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Welcome to the 19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop and Brassica 2014

Dear Colleagues and Friends,   

The 19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop will be held in Wuhan, Hubei province, China from 30th March to 2nd April 2014. The event will be sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering, undertaken by Huazhong Agricultural University and the agriculture department Chinese Academy of Engineering, and in collaboration with the Oil crops research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences and Vegetable research institute, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology. On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of Brassica 2014, I cordially invite you to participate in the meeting in Wuhan and enjoy the tour in China.   

Brassicas include a variety of important crop species for edible oil, vegetables, forages and raw materials for fine chemical and sustainable biofuels, which are important sources for human diet and animal feeds around world. Moreover, Brassicaceae family is also rich in genetic variations and species diversities from model plant Arabidopsis to polyploidy oil crops, which offers unparalleled opportunities for genomic and evolutionary studies and for genetic improvement and domestication of novel crop species. The theme of the 19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop is “Genetic Improvement of Brassicaceae Crops in the Era of Genomics”. The meeting will cover a range of topics and provide a platform for participants to present their exciting progresses, to exchange research and production information, and to explore the opportunities for cooperations in studies on Brassicaceae genetics and genomics, and their applications in genetic improvement of crop species.   

Situated at the crossroads of central China, Wuhan is a transportation hub for air, railway as well as ferry traffic. As the capital of Hubei province, which is the major agricultural province and the largest producer of Brassica oilseed in China, Wuhan is one of the “Chinese Famous Cities of History and Culture” with a history that dates back more than 3,500 years. Located at Wuhan city, Huazhong Agricultural University has been one of major institutions working actively in Brassica genetics and improvement in China and has established wide partnership with scientists and professionals in Brassica community over the world. The Brassica 2014 will be a memorable gathering for old friends and a wonderful occasion for meeting new friends.   

We look forward to hosting you at the 19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop.


Dr. Yongming Zhou,

Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University,

Local Organizing Committee, The 19th Crucifer Genetics Workshop and Brassica 2014

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